"Dark, Gritty, Raw, Honest" – New Review

September 22, 2020

Check out this brand new review of 'Ferocious' by Richard Rosenthal at Screamer Magazine: "There are certain genres of music that are associated with geographic regions. Speak of 'Southern Rock' or 'The British Invasion' or 'The Seattle Sound' and instantly certain bands and songs come to mind. If someone mentioned the phrase 'New York City Rock ’N’ Roll' what would you think? 'Dark, gritty, raw, honest,' might be apt words to capture the feel of that sound." Read more at the link below!

New Interview: "Why Did You Cover Guns N' Roses?"

September 21, 2020

Check out Rob's recent return to the 'Nothing Shocking' podcast! Topics include the upcoming Compulsions album, Ferocious, as well as Rob's motive for covering "Dust N' Bones" by Guns N' Roses! Get the whole story now at the link below!

Get Details To Rob's Upcoming "Secret Show" On The Lower East Side!

September 12, 2020

This coming Friday at 4:30 pm, Rob will perform with a very special guest on Manhattan's Lower East Side! However, according to State Liquor Authority guidelines, advertised and ticketed shows are not currently permitted at this time. So to learn the location of this socially distanced outdoor event, simply subscribe to The Compulsions' mailing list at the link below or send an inquiry to CompulsionsNewsletter@gmail.com. Stay safe, be well and we'll see you at the show!

New Interview On The Chuck Shute Podcast: "I've Heard That Slash And Duff Love The Compulsions"

September 07, 2020

On the latest episode of The Chuck Shute Podcast, when asked if he has ever had any interactions with Slash or Duff from Guns N’ Roses, Compulsions front man Rob Carlyle said: "I know those guys know about me because when (GN’R and ex-Compulsions drummer) Frank (Ferrer) was first rehearsing with the Duff and Slash combo, I was giving him a hard time. I was texting him and I said something like, ‘Make sure you rehearse my band real good for when we go on tour.’ And then he texted me back and he said, ‘I played The Compulsions for them. They love The Compulsions!’ And knowing me, I said something like, ‘Yeah, of course they love it. It sounds like they’re already on it!’” Other topics of conversation included: Earl Slick's Advice From David Bowie and The Compulsions' New Album, Ferocious! Hear more at the link below!

Rob Discusses 'Ferocious' Album Cover And More On 'Appetite For Distortion!'

September 02, 2020

Compulsions front man, Rob Carlyle, talked about Ferocious album art (and a whole lot more!) last night on the Guns N' Roses-themed podcast, Appetite For Distortion. Here’s what he said about the imagery: “You can read a lot into that cover: There’s a reference to GN’R – and we cover GN’R. There’s a dead rose in the skull’s mouth – and we cover ‘Dead Flowers’ (by The Rolling Stones). And then, the typography, that’s the Motörhead typography – and we mention Motörhead in one of the songs. And to be real honest, man, none of that was on purpose. I looked at it later on and I was like ‘Whoa!’ There’s three ways to connect the album cover to the songs on the album, which I thought was accidentally very cool.” To hear the entire chat, visit the link below now!

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