Shake Hands With The Devil

From Laughter From Below 

Written by Rob Carlyle

Pardon me, I hate to intrude

May I take the stool next to you?

Won't you let me buy you a drink?

The bacchanalia's about to begin

Soon you'll say you find me charming

'Cause that's what they all say, my darling

Shake hands with the Devil

Salome, Delilah and Eve

They started out so young and naive

It wasn't 'til I creeped up inside

It wasn't 'til I opened their minds

They all said they found me charming

And they all called me Sweet Daddy Darlin'

I don't want your silver or your gold

I'll keep you from the hunger and the cold

No, I don't need your silver or your gold

I just want your body and your soul

Can't Get Through To You

From Demon Love

 Written by Rob Carlyle

Can't get through to you

Can't get through to you

No matter what I say, no matter what I do

Can't get through to you

Took you to the South Of France

Trying to get in your pants

Guess you wasn't too impressed

Not even a "Thank You" kiss

Bought you an engagement ring

Hocked my six-string for that thing

Got down on my bended knee

You pointed and laughed at me

Showed up at your favorite spot

Check out this new chick I got

Great big tits and long blonde hair

Rolled your eyes like you don't care

Rock 'N' Roll Johnny

From Been Through Hell 

Written by Rob Carlyle

Rock 'N' Roll Johnny gotta rock 'n' roll band

Rock 'N' Roll Johnny gotta fast right hand

Rock 'N' Roll Johnny, he knows all the licks

Rock 'N' Roll Johnny, he gets all the chicks

Rock 'N' Roll Johnny at the microphone

Rock 'N' Roll Johnny, only skin and bone

Rock 'N' Roll Johnny & His Band Of Thieves

Answering to no one, doing what they please

And the crowd goes wild for Rock 'N' Roll Johnny

He's the baddest rock 'n' roller they've ever seen 

And the crowd goes crazy for Rock 'N' Roll Johnny

And I just handed my rock 'n' roll crown to him

Rock 'N' Roll Johnny on the radio

Rock 'N' Roll Johnny on the video

Rock 'N' Roll Johnny, straight to Number 1

Faster than a bullet coming from a gun

And they just handed the rock 'n' roll crown to him

But there's a price you pay for fortune

And there's a price you pay for fame

It's a low down dirty business

It's a God damn crying shame

You gotta shake hands with the Devil

You gotta sell your mortal soul

It's hard to keep your dignity

When you're playing rock 'n' roll

Now, I never hit the Big Time

But I know these words are true

'Cause that's what Johnny told me

Right before I heard the news

Rock 'N' Roll Johnny on the Rolling Stone

Rock 'N' Roll Johnny, only skin and bone

Rock 'N' Roll Johnny got them empty eyes

Rock 'N' Roll Johnny is a suicide

And there ain't gonna be a rock 'n' roller like him again


Dirty Woman Blues

From Beat The Devil

Written by Rob Carlyle

I don't wanna hurt nobody

I don't wanna hurt no one

I just wanna have a good time

I just wanna have some fun

I don't wanna make no trouble

I don't wanna cause no fuss

I just want some satisfaction

I just want your teenage lust

Ooh, I need a dirty woman

Ooh, I need a dirty girl

Can't you hear me knockin', baby?

Can't you hear me knockin', now?

Open up your backdoor, mama

Time to wake this whole damn town

I Was Right, You Were Wrong

From Beat The Devil

Written by Rob Carlyle

I was right, you were wrong

Quit your shit, now I'm gone

Time will tell and it won't be long

I was right, you were wrong

When you come down from the ceiling

When you come down from your cloud

When they see your songs say nothing

I'll be laughing long and loud

Take a good look in the mirror

Take a good look at your self

Do you see your eyes are empty?

Or are you too far gone to tell?

Time will tell, I don't care how long


From Dirty Fun

Written by Rob Carlyle

Ain't got no worries, I never hurry

I live on Easy Street

Living in style, I gotta smile

For everyone I meet

I've been through hard times, down to my last dime

I've had my share of pain

I hit rock bottom, weighed down with problems

But I'm flying high, again

I'm a lucky devil, I'm a lucky guy

I'm a lucky fella, I feel lucky to be alive

Good times are rollin', don't need consolin'

'Bout how life used to be

Onward and upward, ain't lookin' backward

That's ancient history

And I'd like to take this moment

To thank the Lord above

For giving me the strength to abide

When the ride got rough

And I'd like to take this moment

To thank my own damn self

For staying cool and staying crazy

And making it through Hell

I'm just happy to be alive

The Feel

From Dirty Fun

Written by Rob Carlyle

Lemme tell you about this band we used to see

This was long before you kids was hanging out

We'd get all dressed up, especially the girls

And the place would be packed for these guys

The had Downtown Slim on the six-string

Playing licks at lightning speed

It sent shivers down your spine

When he made that old Strat scream

The were the coolest band in the world

They'd be roaring like a freight train

They'd be rolling like the Stones

They'd be howling like the Devil

The blues was in their blood and bones

Now, they never hit the Big Time

And they never got that deal

I don't know where they are now

But man, they had that feel



All I Wanna Do

From upcoming album

Written by Rob Carlyle

All I wanna do is boogie oogie oogie with you

Don't wanna be your baby

Don't wanna be your boss

Don't  wanna be your daddy

Don't wanna be your dog

Don't wanna meet your mama

Don't wanna meet your friends

Don't wanna have no drama

Why can't ya understand?

Don't wanna do no evil

Don't wanna do no wrong

Don't wanna be no bad guy

Don't mean to cause no harm

C'mon and boogie, baby

C'mon and boogie, child

C'mon and boogie, mama

C'mon and boogie, girl

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